2895 Commerce Park Drive Fitchburg, Wisconsin USA 53719-5121


Office/...(608) 277 - 0222 Fax/ .(608) 277 - 7595

Contact information:
  • info@renascencemfg.com
  • dave@renascencemfg.com
  • jeff@renascencemfg.com

Why settle for ordinary?

On the outside, Renascence Manufacturing Corporation may look like any other machine shop - but there is nothing ordinary about us.

A deliberately assembled unique set of tools, intellect, and years of seasoned experience creates technique and process that improves the performance, productivity, and profitability of our customers products.

We make the engineer and purchasing manager jobs easier.



We are proud of Renascence - come see for yourself.

For a free, no-obligation tour, contact us at (608) 277-0222. Ask for Dave or Jeff


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